Veterinary Nursing

Licensed veterinary technicians, often known as veterinary nurses at MSU, play an important role in veterinary health care. Veterinary nurses, like nurses in human medicine, are trained in the newest medical breakthroughs and are capable of collaborating with veterinarians to give the finest medical care for dogs.

Veterinary nurses are caring, hardworking paraprofessionals who are passionate about animal health. Animal nursing care, laboratory specimen analysis, surgical aid, anaesthesia, radiographic imaging (x-ray), nutritional management, dental prophylaxis, physical therapy, and client education are among the medical responsibilities they are entrusted with. These various responsibilities allow the veterinary paraprofessional to have a significant impact on all aspects of animal care. Their participation enables veterinary clinics and animal care and research institutes to provide more services in a more efficient manner. The vocational Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing is now the national qualification for veterinary nurses. The policy of the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) promotes a high-quality outcome for all veterinary nursing students in Australia, regardless of where they live, where they are trained, or where they work.

This result should be of worldwide quality and take into account the unique labour, health, and safety requirements of the veterinary workplace. All students starting the vocational Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing programme should have guaranteed access to a veterinary workplace and, ideally, be employed. The AVA, which represents veterinary nurse and technician employers, has had and continues to fight for continuing input into the creation of veterinary nursing training packages and university programmes.


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